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I now know that all of us Earth humans are intricately woven right into a connective tissue-like weave, A lot greater than a network, plus much more just like a kind of overfunction – spokes to the grand wheel on the center of which is very little and almost everything, because all of us alongside one another are It.

radio show? Michael advised him Of course, and that he’d really been on it. The male went on expressing that there experienced just lately been a man on that show named David Sereda, who was speaking about a testimony from a Senior Scientist from Lockheed Martin, who’s name was Boyd Bushman[eight].

Ninmah bore daughters Ninsun and Geshtinianna and 6 other daughters. Enki coupled with Ninsun who also bore a girl. When Enki reported he’d make an effort to beget the boy he desired with one of Ninsun’s daughters, Ninmah gave him poisoned elixir in a single version of the Tale.

Nibiran overseers directed goods and water along the channels with “a levitation product that tapped into your magnetic articles of your stones–a similar way modern day trains float higher than electromagnetic tracks. The levitation device served them lift stones heavier than ten tons.

Thothmose’s royal successors ordered a child born of Tiye, one among Joseph’s daughters killed, since Enlilites would regard the kid as one of theirs. Tiye place the babe within a waterproof box of bulrushes which she floated downstream to Hatshepsut, who grew to become Pharaoh.

All who’ve labored builders canberra inside of these tunnels occur out euphoric; the vibrations inside of release endorphines and pleasurable sensations in them. The vibrations also purify the water that runs throughout the pyramid advanced.

Enlil expressed alarm within the escalating population of Earthlings whom the ex-astronauts kept inseminated with at any time-extra Nibiran genes.

Adapa educated and oversaw the employees Anunnaki introduced from Africa to operate the bases in Iraq. He viewed more than bakers, water procedure employees and fishermen and created positive they equipped the Anunnaki and fed themselves Adapa held the stats—he was in command of offerings to Enki.

has only a few partitions” and on its open, western facet” faces a 7 foot tall pillar for “astronomical sighting applications.

Ishmael grew to become the genitor of your Arabs who to today compete Together with the descendants of Isaac for Canaan.

A moat surrounded Pumapunku and linked to a canal system that ran to check that lake Titicaca, fifteen miles away by means of level floor. Upheavals, probably from the identical disturbances that brought about the destruction from the Nile area that Moses, whom Enlil forewarned, from the nearing of Nibiru or its lagrange points in 1450 BCE, ruined the massive landing platform and scattered its H-formed four hundred-ton twelve by ten by two foot go to my site thick red sandstone blocks that Adad had quarried 10 miles from Pumapunku.

The Anunnaki dictated their world view to Earthling scribes of Iraq (then referred to as Sumer). The Anunnaki omitted allusions in their dictations to one other skyfaring and subterranean civilizations about on and under our Earth. Clay tablets the Anunnaki dictated claim that back on Nibiru, a king and his navy ruled. The gods dictated tales of how, 450,000 several years in the past, they got gold from Earth And just how, till three hundred,000 yrs ago, when they created us for the mines, they shipped the gold again to Nibiru.

limestone–finer grained and very polished–and since it incorporates moment traces of magnesium, not like the interior limestone, it serves as an insulator, preserving the Electrical power inside the temple.

Undertakers brought his body towards the royal cemetery of Ur. They drugged his pals and attendants in his burial chamber, then killed them.

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